Lap An Lagoon

Hue not only has an acclaim reputation for ancient tombs but also it is blessed with a magnificent nature. Featured in that is Lap An Lagoon with a captivating beauty.

lap an lagoon

Lap An Lagoon has another name is An Cu Lagoon located near the highway 1A axis, passing through Lang Co town, Phu Loc district on the road connecting Da Nang to Hue. The lagoon is very beautiful with the location at the foot of Phu Gia Pass. Surrounding the lagoon is the majestic Bach Ma Mountain, in front of the lagoon is Lang Co Bay with turquoise water color.

When it is sunset, Lap An Lagoon is covered by the sun shines. Lap An is a brackish lagoon with beautiful poetic scenes in the large lagoon system of  Hue city.

Nestled beside the majestic Bach Ma forest and Lang Co beach, Lap An lagoon is like a highlight on the beautiful Lang Co sea picture. Besides, the lagoon is surrounded by Bach Ma Mountain, visitors who like to climb mountains can combine Lang Co – Lap An – Bach Ma routes tour. The program can go back in the day. Since the lagoon system does not have many big trees, remember to bring hats, towels, and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Travel in Lap An lagoon every season is beautiful, but it is still best in March to June. In addition, when arriving Lap An, no matter what time of day, visitors will surely feel surprised by the peaceful and poetic beauty like a fairy-tale. Lap An Lagoon always attracts tourists by the special blue phase between the blue of the sky clouds and the green of the mountains. In the golden sunny days, Lap An is like a big mirror of the heaven and earth reflect the majestic mountains, which is incredibly beautiful and fanciful. At the brilliant sunrise or the purple sunset, visitors here will be amazed by the beauty of the mountains, the clouds, the sky as a picturesque view.

fisherman at lap an lagoon

On the lagoon, many small boats of the locals float along the water, far away are the giant fish nets as well as the rhythm of life on the lagoon, which bring a charming beauty of the native identity. Coming to Lap An Lagoon, tourists seem to be lost in the first realm, immersed in the airy, gentle space, forgetting all the stress and worries of everyday life.

Lap An Lagoon is located in Lang Co town so it can be combined with Lang Co beach escape for one or few days,  a number of guesthouses and hotels from budget to luxury, beach front resorts in Lang Co.

The fuzzy scenery with a thin fog captures many people. Therefore, these day, tourists or motorcycle travellers come more and more to enjoy their own valuable moments. We had a boat trip with a local fisher man on early morning ride around the lagoon, the scenery is mesmerizing and people are hospitable.